CCleaner for MAC — Free Download & Install Guide

CCleaner is a great tool if you are a Mac user because it can keep your Mac clean device best. It can do cleaning up of tools, optimization of your device; remove cookies, temporary files, unused data etc. It cleans the unneeded files. It is a quick tool to make your Mac cleaner, faster and secure. It also deletes recent documents, recent applications, recent servers, recent places, logs, user downloads and unneeded languages. In the applications tab section, it deletes the internet cache, internet history, cookies, site preferences, saved form information like usernames, search items, anything you typed in the browser and saved passwords.

All the trash files are cleaned by scanning in the areas of your system. It provides a great optimization by cleaning your system very effectively. It improves the performance of your device.

Its tool menu consists of more tools like quick installer, or programs lists that you launch any application and a manager point restoration facility. You can also exclude the files and folders which you do not want to clean by the cleaner itself and also includes the files which you want to be cleaned automatically by the CCleaner using the checkboxes. Using this you can browse the internet in a secure manner. The main advantage of CCleaner is safer browsing. CCleaner deletes the browser history and cookies so that the internet browsing becomes safe and confidential. This application has the capability of cleaning the adds for the different browsers.

What security provided CCleaner for Mac

If you browse any website, the advertiser on you’re on a browsed website can track the behavior with the help of cookies. But by using CCleaner saved password, your browser histories can be removed and make your browsing more confidentially from online fraud.

Download CCleaner for Mac


How to install CCleaner for Mac

Step1: Download the installer

 Click on the link given below and the installer will automatically start downloading.

Step 2:   Run the installer

Now go to the downloads folder and then click on the CCMacSetup.The installer will run automatically.

Step 3: Open CCleaner

IN this a box will appear and allow you to drag the CCleaner icon into your application folder

You can open this folder and click CCleaner and get started


Specifications of Mac CCleaner

Platforms MAC OS
Versions 1.14.451
License Freeware
File size 3.3 MB
Downloads  505056
Languages Multiple Languages
Security Level 100 %  Safe


CCleaner for mac analyses the complete system and every corner on your computer and finds the unused files like bad installations, cookies, or unnecessary temporary files on the browsers.

It includes different areas of computer likes recycle bin, temporary internet files etc

Deleting files and cookies, it the not the manual tasks. A person can’t do this work so there is a basic necessity for cleaners, therefore CCleaner works in an amazing way.

Earlier CCleaner was only for the windows user, but Piriform now released a beta version which is for the Mac users. It divides the application into two sectors first is Mac OS X and other is the Applications.
The first Section is removing trash files, recent applications, and the recent servers. It contains information panel section which includes all the details like how much space is occupied y the trash or another unnecessary file in the hard drive of the system.

The second Section i. e the application section performs the similar operations of clean mac trash but it is very limited i.e limited to the applications that you have installed.

Now, this is limited to safari and firefox but more applications will be supported in future versions.

For the browsers that are supported by the CCleaner ,it works by erasing the browsing history, download history, cookies and internet cache. It is not difficult to do it manually but CCleaner helps us to perform in a very easy, simple and efficient manner. It also frees the disc space from different locations and provides to boost up your device. CCleaner also helps you to provide the privacy by hiding the internet usage.

The user should be logged in before using the Mac Cleaner. You can also use it as without login but operating system prevents you from deleting certain files which are authorized by logged in user only.

Some steps to Clean  Mac

  • In CCleaner, click on the cleaner icon at left.
  • Now in the OS X tab, choose the OS features you want to mac clean by selecting their checkboxes. When you select warnings will appear. Read the text and click ok.
  • Now click on the applications tab. The programs listed on this tab will depend on the software which is installed on your Mac operating system.
  • Now chose the options which you want to clean.
  • Now click on the Analyse button and wait until the CCleaner is analyzing your file.
  • After analyzation completed, the list of items that will be cleared will
  • Now just Click on Run Cleaner. Now a warning will appear that CC Cleaner mac is going to permanently delete this files from your System.
  • Click OK to proceed.
  • When cleaning is complete, a report of deleted files appears in the text window.

Uninstalling application using Mac

Uninstalling of applications in the Mac becomes very easier using the free mac Cleaner you can uninstall here in CCleaner without going to the different folders to uninstall. This very simple and easy just go to the app, select it and moves(drags) it to the trash. Then dragging only just move the application into the trash but doesn’t remove from the trash folder

Following steps are used to uninstall applications

  • In the left Pane of CCleaner, click on the tools option and then click on the uninstall option
  • Then select the name of the program you want to uninstall. Then click on uninstall.

It cleans up the following things

  • Browser’s cache
  • History of the Browser
  • Cookies
  • Temporary files
  • Recycle bin
  • Uninstalls software easily

Advantages of using CCleaner

The most basic advantage of CCleaner is that it is very easy to use and removes the junk files.

It is free to use or if you want to upgrade it to your system you can buy a pro version. Pro version is used to upgrade your CCleaner so that it can work faster and more efficient manner.It corrects the errors of registering to a new app and also provides different tools.

It can also reduce the memory load.

Disadvantages of using CCleaner

The only one major disadvantage of using the CCleaner is that it can’t detect or remove any spyware or malware.

Can cleaned data be recovered by Mac CCleaner

The recovery of cleaned data depends on the skills and resources available to the person attempting the recovery and also on the setting that you used for CCleaner Mac

CCleaner uses three methods for secure deletion

  • Simple Overwrite(1 pass)
  • Medium overwrite(7 passes)
  • Complex overwrite(35 passes)

A ’pass’ means the number of times CCleaner writes on the spots present on the hard drive.

The number of time CCleaner writes on the spots of the hard drive it is more difficult to recover.


There is various versions available time to time. New things are added to the cleaner when a new version comes so that the cleaner can work very fast and efficiently.

To check for the update click on the check for updates link on the lower right corner of the CCleaner window.

Your internet browser will open and the site for CCleaner will tell you about the latest updates available and which version is the latest.

How to exclude and include files and folders from cleaning

There are many options provided by the CCleaner such as how to include or exclude the file and folders

For excluding purpose follow the following steps

  • In the left pane of cleaner, click on options and click on exclude
  • Now just select add
  • Then this screen will appear

  • Now select the files which are to be excluded
  • Then click on ok button

For including files follow some steps given below

  • On the left pane of the cleaner, click on options and then click include
  • Add a new include by clicking on add button
  • Now this screen will appear

  • Now select the files or folders to be included.
  • Now click on OK button

Languages option

There are many language options provided by the CCleaner.

To select the language to follow the following steps:

  • In the left pane, click on the option and then click on the languages.

  • Then select the languages you want to keep or clear the language which is not needed by the user
  • The English Language which is default language cannot be removed.
  • To set the Mac cleaner for cleaning unused languages which are not read, click on the cleaner.
  • Select the unneeded languages check box.

These steps will remove the language which is not needed by the users.

Troubleshooting in CCleaner for Mac

Any user can face the problem while using CCleaner app. Either the problem occur while running the CCleaner or you are not getting any help.

If there is a problem in the running the CCleaner, then while including the include section you may also tell the CCleaner for Mac System to clean the custom files and folders.