Free Download CCleaner Portable – LATEST Version

CCleaner Portable is a special version of cleaners that can be carried on any removable drives and can run on any system. It is a free tool that is designed to optimise and clean your PC. It can remove temporary files, junk files, cache, logs and recent tabs. It can also allow us to use safe and secure browsing on the internet. It deletes the online history, caches and registered passwords and data so that a person can use it for safer and secure browsing. It also involves tools like registry cleaner, uninstaller, file finder, drive cleaner, startup manager and many more. It cleans all the unneeded files from or computer.

CCleaner Portable Apps

As the name itself suggests cleaning so the main purpose of CCleaner is to clean unnecessary files and to speed up your system. Maintains the privacy by deleting the passwords, internet files, and cookies from internet browsers. So it provides the security. And boost up the free space for the purpose of maintaining of the optimization of your system. It makes our computer system in a stable state.

Cleans the online traces of data that we used to collect by using internet websites. Sometimes websites and advertisers on the websites can trace you and catch your data. But CCleaner provides the real-time protection for it.

It provides customized cleaning that fixes to the needs of all the users. Every user needs a secure, clean and faster computer so CCleaner fulfills the need of all the uses .it is an amazing app that took care of your system. It also helps the windows to run smoothly by cleanings registries and set up free spaces and deletes duplicate files that clutter your pc.

Using portable CCleaner helps you a lot. It helps in managing the safety and cleaning of data when we use different computers to log in. If you stick this app in a USB device and you are surfing the internet on an internet cafe then you use your CCleaner from the USB device to clean your searched data or used passwords on that device. The portable CCleaner is very easy to handle. CCleaner and portable CCleaner do the exact same thing. Portable CCleaner starts with double clicking on portable.exe instead of CCleaner.exe and uses CCleaner normally.

Normally said, CCleaner is a portable pocket version of CCleaner. It is a great tool for erasing unused files and cleans the disk space so that your browser can run smoothly and faster. Portable CCleaner doesn’t leave any evidence on the computer and the big advantage is that you can use all the features of a CCleaner without installing it on your computer system.

One of the disadvantages of using the portable CCleaner is that it is slower than the normal CCleaner, it can take few minutes for running. And also the analysis of the system takes time to run.

Regarding this disadvantage portable, CCleaner does a great job that is very satisfactory to the users of CCleaners. It has also the feature of keeping some cookies that is useful to the users.

CCleaner is very well known for the System users, these portable versions allow us to carry it anywhere wherever we want to go. The only thing you have to do is just put it in the USB drives and carry it.

Uses of CCleaner Portable

  • Cleans internet caches, history, cookies, recent used URLs and many more from different browsers like internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, opera etc
  • It cleans temporary files, memory dumps, shortcuts, log files and empty recycle bin from windows.
  • It also does the advanced cleaning for windows event logs, old prefetch data, menu order cache, notifications, and many more.
  • Analyze the problem of the system, if any problem occurs it will alert you.
  • Manages the autostart applications.
  • Optimization of your computer system.

Features of Portable CCleaner

  • Virus free
  • Fast download  ccleaner portable
  • Free of cost downloading
  • Always available
  • Compatible with all the versions of your windows
  • Optimization of your system
  • Protect privacy for many windows applications.
  • Cleans all the junk and temporary files.
  • Uninstall multiple software in one window
  • Manages your cookies
  • Find and removes duplicate files

CCleaner Portable Specifications

PLATFORM Windows or Mac
VERSION V5.33.6162
LICENCE Freeware


CCleaner free download for windows


It contains a featured fully registry cleaning. The registry is a set of files that contains all the best ccleaner settings for windows such as HTML files or file that run in the desktop background.

To clean your registry follow some steps given below:

  • In the CCleaner window, click on registry icon on the left.
  • Select the items the registry clean which you wish to scan.
  • Click on scan for issue you will see the program bar
  • If scan is finished you will see the list of issues found
  • If you want CCleaner to skip any of the issues its found then right click on the issue and then click add to exclude list.
  • Then click to fix selected issues to fix registry issues.
  • Then you are promoted to backup the registry first. Then click on the yes button if you want a backup.
  • Then choose a location to save the registry backup.
  • Then saved file ends with.REG and then click save
  • CCleaner displays the first registry problem and a proposed solution for it.
  • Do one of the following steps:

1) To fix all the issues once click Fix all Selected Issues. This choice is mostly recommended for the users. Then click on ok button. Once all issues have been recovered then click on the close button.

2) You can also review and fix issues one by one.

3) To stop making changes to the registry click on close button.


Uninstallation of programs become easy while you are using a CCleaner app. you don’t have to move on the programs one by one by clicking on every program. Just open your CCleaner app then open the uninstall section then select the programs you want to uninstall and then uninstall it.


There are many versions come of CCleaner. A new updated version comes after some time. so, there is no need of installing the CCleaner again and again, so there is an option for update available on the lower right corner of the window of the CCleaner.

  • Just click on the check for updates
  • It will help you to identify your browser is updated or not.


You can include the files which you want to get deleted by CCleaner and that files which are not deleted by the CCleaner itself is deleted by the include option.Includes options allow us to attach that file which we want to delete by following different steps:

  • Go to the CCleaner window , then click on the options button at the left
  • In options select the include tab
  • Then click on Add button
  • Then add files which you want to include.


If you want the files you need that are deleted by the CCleaner than there is a good option for excluding the files and folders. Just follow some easy steps:

  • Go to the CCleaner window and click on options button the left
  • In options select the exclude button
  • Then click on add button.
  • Then add the files which you want to exclude from it


Portable CCleaner settings are added manually debug mode—this will show the CCleaner

1) Debug mode—this will show the CCleaner

2) Ifinstalled—It changes the behavior of CCleaner installed in the system.

  • 0 means Backup installed CCleaner
  • 1 means Run CCleaner
  • 2 means Error message

3)  Portable debug window

  • 0 means disabled
  • 1 means enabled

4) CCleaner path gives the relative or full path to folder containing CCleaner files


  • Includes all functions of standard version
  • Allows you to keep useful cookies
  • Allows you to add custom file types


  • Can be slow
  • Use administrator permission to use


Data recovery in CCleaner depends on the skills and resources available.

Recovery can be done by

  • Using secure deletion
  • Wipes free space on drives.
  • Use Recuva tool to find the files that have already deleted

Installation Problem in CCleaner Portable

  • The installer displays the error in opening the file i.e ‘error opening the file for writing.
  • This error will appear if you are trying to install CCleaner without being an administrator.

  • Log in as an administrator and then run the installation program you can run CCleaner without logged in but it will not delete certain types of files.
  • You can run CCleaner without logged in but it will not delete certain types of files.

Problems that will occur while running CCleaner

  • You have to include files and folders that are not being cleaned by the cleaner itself
  • You cannot clean on other users account on your computer.