CCleaner for Windows 10, 8, 7

Need optimization and cleaning of your system? So why waiting just download the CCleaner for windows.It is a great pc optimization tool that cleans and optimize your system. No matter what Window version are you using or your system or for either 32-bit or 64-bit, CCleaner is for all. So just clean and optimize your system using this.

CCleaner for Windows 10,8,7

CCleaner is a system for windows to keep your devices clean and secure. It is a great optimization tool for the windows system. It covers many Problems in a single application. It is a free Programs that increase the speed of your system by cleaning the unnecessary files, junk files, temporary files, caches, cookies and lots more. It keeps your system memory free so that Windows users should have a great experience of using the CCleaner for windows system. CCleaner also provides a way of the secure browsing experience.

It does not provide damage to the operating system and is highly recommended for the windows users.

It helps all the users to keep the pc clean and gives a great working environment. Advertisers in the websites and the websites can track the behavior of users with the help of online cookies that will exist in your computer when you have done internet searching. So CCleaner helps in cleaning of then cookies and make your internet browsing safe and confidential.

It provides customized cleaning that fixes to the needs of all the users. Every user needs a secure, clean and faster computer so windows CCleaner fulfills the need of all the uses .it is an amazing app that took care of your system. It also helps the windows to run smoothly by cleanings registries and set up free spaces and deletes duplicate files that clutter your pc.

Uses of CCleaner for Windows

  • Analyzing Problems in your systems
  • Uninstall multiple apps in the same window
  • System restore
  • Computer System optimization
  • Removes third-party applications files such as remove temporary files, recent lists from many of applications like google toolbar, Microsoft office,  WinZip and many more
  • Removes from windows applications like recycle bin, recent documents, temporary files, log files,  memory garbage etc.
  • Managing autostarting applications.

Features of Windows Cleaner

  • Compatible with all the versions of windows so that every use should have the benefit of using the CCleaner.
  • It doesn’t Provide damage to the operating system that is the main reason that it is highly recommended by the users.
  • Updates are available time to time.
  • Works with either 32-bit or 62-bit versions.
  • FREE download.
  • Safe download.
  • Optimization of your system.
  • You can work faster with your system.
  • Cleans all type of browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, opera, safari and some other supported browsers.
  • This software doesn’t contain any spyware, adware or viruses.
  • Fix all Problems under one tool.

Data Recovery by CCleaner For Windows

Data recovery usually depends on the system and resources available.

  • Use secure deletion
  • Wipe free space on drives
  • Use Recuva tool to find files that are deleted and can be recovered


For manage the auto starting of applications follow the following steps:

  • In CCleaner window click on the TOOLS icon on the left, then click STARTUP
  • Now you get a list of apps that start automatically. Then choose NO in the enabled column.
  • Or select the program’s entry and click disable or you can also delete the program’s entry, just select the programs and click Delete.

CCleaner Windows Security

CCleaner provides an amazing security to its users. It provides a great experience of using the safe and more secure browser to its users. Sometimes adds on the websites or the websites itself can use the data of users or can use the personal details of the users so the windows CCleaner helps you to provide the safety data for the user.

CCleaner Windows 7

CCleaner professional plus is a tool that involves all the versions of the Pc optimization tools i.e CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, and speccy.

CCleaner free Download for Windows 7 Full Version


  • This is just a 14-days TRIAL
  • This version clean and optimize silently in PC and keeps your browser private and secure.
  • After 14-days CCleaner Professional turns off the free version of CCleaner for Windows 10, then you have to clean your system manually, clean junks manually and downloads updates manually.
  • IF you want to continue to the Professional version of CCleaner then you should have to upgrade your app to get the PRO features. Then you will get access easily for automatic cleaning, monitoring, updates and more.

CCleaner Windows Specification

Platform required Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, vista and XP
Edition Either 32-bit or 64-bit
Version of CCleaner 5.33.6162
Size 9.34MB
License free
Languages supported Multiple languages

Advantages of CCleaner for Windows

  • Easy to use and simple
  • Cleans the junk files from your system.
  • Provides secure browsing from harmful websites.
  • Powerful system cleaning
  • Controls startup applications
  • This software doesn’t contain any spyware or malware

  • For Analysation of the files are folders that are to be deleted, Run the CCleaner and click on analyze button to get the summary of what is to be cleaned.

  • By checking and unchecking the cleaning rules in the windows and applications tabs,  you can specify exactly what you want to be analyzed for example like you want to analyze data only from the internet explorer and Google Chrome and not from the Firefox ,it will only analyze the data of your selected browsers.

  • The registry cleaner will show what problems found on your PC and fix it to your registry.

  • CCleaner also provides you an option of uninstalling your applications without going directly to the applications. The uninstall tool will show you all the applications installed on your system and allow you uninstall any application which is not needed by you or which is no longer in your use.

  • When you turn on your PC some applications start automatically. The startup tool shows what Programs run on your system when you turn on your computer.

  • The system restore tool allows you to view tool and delete any of the systems restore points that windows create for your pc.

CCleaner has a comprehensive set of options for you to customize it for your computer. For example, if you want to change the language of your system there are 47 options provided by the CCleaner.

Something About Windows CCleaner Cloud

With the help of CCleaner cloud, you can monitor, optimize and clean your pc from anywhere using your browser. It involves:

  • Pc optimization: –in this you can optimize your system from anywhere either you are away from home or your workplace.
  • System monitoring: –you can monitor your system anywhere from CCleaner clouds like network usage, RAM, CPU utilization, disk space and many more.
  • Warning from e-mails: –you can fix your Problem as before they occur it gives warning by email alert like low disk space, software updation, cleaning events and many


  • If CCleaner doesn’t clean all the files then follow some steps given below:–
  • Open the CCleaner app and click on the CLEANER icon on the left.
  • In the windows tab then in the ADVANCED section, select the CUSTOM FILES AND FOLDERS checkbox and tell CCleaner which file you want to clean.
  • If CCleaner can’t delete the Google chrome history:-

This means that google chrome is not synchronized to your account,  if this synchronization is not done then it can’t clean Google chrome data.

  • Go to Google chrome setting.
  • Chose to disconnect your account

  • Then go to settings > Show advanced Settings >system>then select the ‘continue running background apps when google chrome is closed’.

  • CCleaner closes shortly after clicking on Run Cleaner:–

If this type of error occurs when the reason is close programs after cleaning was unchecked. To solve this, and the cleaner to the ‘allowed application’ list and then it will work properly.

  • Installation problems:-

The error will occur if you didn’t log in as an administrator

To solve this first log in as an administrator and then install.

Including Files for CCleaner to delete that doesn’t delete automatically by the CCleaner

To include the files and folders that CCleaner can’t delete automatically just follow the following steps:

  • Open CCleaner, click on the options at left
  • Now select the include button
  • Add new include statements by clicking ADD.
  • Then select the files and folder to be included

Excluding files from CCleaner to save it from deletion

To exclude the files and folders that CCleaner can’t delete automatically just follow the following steps:

Open CCleaner and click on the options on the left

  • Click on exclude button
  • Then click on ADD button
  • Then add the files and folders to be deleted.


Click ON ‘CHECK FOR UPDATES’ in the lower right corner of the CCleaner window

Then check for updates available if any available then download it to add more features with every update.